About Us


The National Employment Council for the Agricultural Industry in Zimbabwe was established in 1991 with the broad objective of advancing social justice and democracy in the Agriculture Industry.


The National Employment Council for the Agricultural Industry in Zimbabwe strives to advance social justice and democracy at the workplace by:

  • Providing a legal framework within which employees and employers can bargain collectively for the improvement of conditions of employment.
  • Giving effect to fair labour standards and the fundamental rights of employers and employees provided for by the Constitution of Zimbabwe, Labour Act [Chapter 28:01] and all other labour laws and regulations.
  • Promoting the participation of employers and employees in decisions affecting their interests in the workplace.
  • Resolving labour relations disputes fairly, effectively and expeditiously.
  • Educating stakeholders on key labour matters.

Corporate Philosophy

Mission Statement

We deliver first class productivity-based industrial relations and advisory services to the agricultural industry in Zimbabwe.


To be the premier industrial relations and advisory services provider in the agricultural industry in Zimbabwe.


In fulfilling its vision and mission, the operation of the NEC will be underpinned by the following values:
• Credibility
• Reliability
• Objectivity
• Professionalism
• Integrity
• Teamwork

Future Prospects

To enhance productivity and economic growth through advancing social justice, dialogue and democracy at all places of work in the Agriculture Industry.

Major Accomplishments

• We have facilitated the creation of collective bargaining agreements that govern the agricultural sector and give effect to the provisions of the Labour Act [Chapter 28:01]. Notably, we assisted in the promulgation of S.I. 41 of 2022 which provides conditions of employment and contains a code of conduct.
• We have offices in regions across the country.
• We have trained many of our members on important aspects of labour relations.
• We have an effective dispute resolution and grievance handling mechanism.
•We have knowledgeable staff members and well-resourced offices so we can provide the best possible service to all our clients.