Membership Benefits

NEC Agriculture is a creature of statute established in terms of the Labour Act [Chapter 28:01] to improve industrial relations in the agricultural industry. Parties to NEC consist of representatives of Employer Organisations and Trade Unions. While all employers and employees in the agricultural sector are legally required to be members of NEC Agriculture, there are innumerable benefits to membership, beyond the requirements of the law. Below are a few benefits to employers and employees.

Benefits to Employers

1. NEC Agriculture provides employers with a platform to share ideas, challenges and possible solutions and to also lobby government and other stakeholders in the economy.
2.It also allows employers to negotiate conditions of employment and other industrial relations matters vital for productivity in the industry.
3. NEC Agriculture also safeguards employers against unfair labour practices by trade unions.
4. Employers receive advice on industrial relations matters.
5. They also receive constant updates on any new legislation or key developments on industrial relations through circulars and Designated Agents’ workplace inspections.

Benefits to Employees

1. NEC Agriculture protects employees’ rights in the workplace, particularly against unfair labour practices, unfair dismissal and other unlawful conduct by their employers.
2. It also provides employees with a platform for negotiating conditions of employment.
3. Industrial inspections by Designated Agents ensure employers’ adherence to the operative employment conditions of the industry.
4. NEC Agriculture assists in the resolution of disputes employees have with their employers.
5. NEC Agriculture raises employees’ awareness on key industrial relations matters through educational workshops, seminars, circulars and workplace inspections.

NEC Agriculture prides itself on its superb dispute resolution that brings about equity, peace and productivity in the sector, not only for the benefit of employers and employees but also for the good of Zimbabwe’s economy.

For laws and regulations governing industrial relations in the agricultural industry, click here